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I can only see in the dark.

Love in the breath of my sleeping children.

Life in the gravity of moments offered.

My foundation is the image – I don't like to talk.

Nor do I like to pretend to testify, question or conceptualize.

Simply to present some parentheses between which I feel alive.

Anodyne for some, primordial for me – to close them is to die again.

The mourning paths of the unfinished and the unattainable are numerous.

I am a pedestrian, nothing more.

(A. Rimbaud)


Born in France, living in Germany ✤ grandson of a "Malgré-nous", my heritage is to endure ✤ graduate in political science, law and business administration ✤ advertising manager ✤ 2014, first camera, I leave France and look for war ✤ 2014, journalist in Ethiopia ✤ 2015, Asia, United States, Moldova, Italy ✤ 2016, Réponses Photo discovery of the month, I stop photographing ✤ 2020, third child, I pick up a camera again ✤ 2022, move, I see again.

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